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Lime will launch E-bike service in Boris, London

Lime, an American service provider of shared electric scooters and electric bikes, just launched electric mopeds in Milton Keynes a week ago, and now they are bringing electric mopeds to London. The first 1000 bright green e-bikes will be put into use in London's Brent and illing districts from tomorrow.


Bike sharing

The electric bikes are equipped with 250 Watt engines and are said to have a maximum assisted speed of 14.8 miles per hour. The pileless bike costs £ 1 ($1.30) per minute to unlock, plus 15p ($19 cents). In the process of transportation to the UK capital, London's official bike sharing program has confronted with lime, which has 750 stops and more than 11000 ordinary bikes.

In fact, London has become a hot spot for bicycle rental services, and the pile less bicycle and Moby bike produced by China ofo company also provide services for commuters and tourists. But Lime's E-bike should help distinguish it from its established competitors, allowing cyclists to further use London's bike lanes for travel and life.